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2008/12/16 Bush's Iraq-Afghan tour marred by dissent Taiwan News
2008/12/16 Links no panacea for Taiwan economy Taiwan News
2008/12/12 Taiwan Wild Strawberry Movement students to form observation group in case trial against state violence Taiwan News
2008/12/11 High Court rules Taiwanese mother winning custody of daughter in Taiwan-US case Taiwan News
2008/12/11 MOFA to release U.S. report on lawmaker citizenship on request of Taiwan Legislative Yuan Taiwan News
2008/12/11 Taiwan Wild Strawberry Movement returns to protest inadequate law enforcement Taiwan News
2008/11/28 Taiwan professor discovers a bacterium to generate power from waste water Taiwan News
2008/11/27 Microsoft may work with Nvidia on new phone Taiwan News
2008/11/27 Taiwan former interior minister Yu Cheng-hsien released on a NT$1 mln bail Taiwan News
2008/11/27 HTC not worry about iPhone in Taiwan Taiwan News
2008/11/26 Government urged to grant equal rights to Chinese spouses in Taiwan Taiwan News
2008/11/26 Microsoft expected to re-launch Windows Live Search Taiwan News Taiwan News, Website Editorial Staff
2008/11/21 Taiwan APEC delegate Lien Chan to meet China’s President on Nov. 21 Taiwan News
2008/11/20 Taiwan's International WorkCamp to be held in the Philippines Taiwan News
2008/11/20 Taiwan to launch giant economic stimulus project Central News Agency, Taiwan News
2008/11/20 Taiwan Sugar Chairman resigned shortly after his appointment due to personnel issues Taiwan News Staff Writer
2008/09/16 Malaysian minister quits over crackdown Taiwan News
2008/09/15 Aide says Malaysian minister offers resignation Taiwan News
2008/09/15 Malaysian ministers slam use of draconian law Taiwan News
2008/09/15 Malaysia's opposition stays quiet on gov't ouster Taiwan News