What is Coolloud Collective?


Coolloud Collective ( https://www.coolloud.org.tw/), established in 1997, besides being an online media website dedicated to reporting social movement activities in Taiwan, is also a non-profit organisation who participates in social reformation as online media.

With a vision to better operate as an organisation, Coolloud Collective has founded the Taiwan Labor Information & Education Association, (TLIEA; 台灣勞工資訊教育協會) under whose name the Coolloud crew have published research papers on corporate responsibility, raised funds for the operation of The Iron Horse Film Festivals, the Coolloud Collective website, and Taiwan Labour Movement Chronicles. Throughout the decade, Coolloud Collective has evolved into a self-sufficient website that not only produces its own reports, receives reports from correspondents, archives important news but also serves as a platform for social activism groups to share and get information.

Coolloud Collective has long become the main information portal for social movements in Taiwan. While the scattered voices from the oppressed are often left unnoticed by mainstream media, they can find their place on Coolloud, for which the site is nicknamed "the Left-wing News Agency" of Taiwan.

Besides running the website, Coolloud has also been working "offline," including "the Iron Horse Film Festival," which has a focus on showing how the minorities worldwide have been fighting for their survival and rights. In 2008 the fourth film festival will take place, and they hope to have more collaboration with social activism groups and organisations in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2008 Coolloud/TLIEA is publishing the second "Taiwan Labour Movement Chronicle," which documents important labour movement-related events and their commentaries in the past few years, serving as a historical record for Taiwanese labour movement in 2004 and 2005. Coolloud/TLIEA positions the chronicle as an essential material for research and labour education among unions, while also having concerns for workers who have no unions to join. Meanwhile, Coolloud Collective has made it a routine to write and translate research papers, in preparing for organisational work in the future.

The Social Utility Award The Foundation for Excellent Journalism Award (Taiwan) (卓越新聞獎基金會) has been giving awards to extinguished journalists and media since 2002. In 2005, the Foundation introduced the "Social Utility Award" (社會公器獎) to encourage the endeavor of media institutions to promote social responsibility and justice. Coolloud Collective was awarded the 2007 Social Utility Award.

The ceremony for the 6th Excellent Journalism Award took place on November 16th, 2007. The Social Utility Award was the first to be announced. According to the juries, Coolloud Collective has been a perpetual participant in social issues, with the help of the Internet, Cooloud has created a new arena apart from the mainstream media, for discussions of the minorities such as labours, new immigrants and the physically challenged. Coolloud has to a great extent compensated for the nearsightedness of the mainstream media, by providing alternative views and mobilization information.

The representative of the juries, Lai Tung-Ming, advised in his speech to media institutions: "we should try to make our observations from the bright side, just as we should cherish the half bottle of wine left instead of mourning over the other half already drunk." The award was handed out by former chairperson of Taiwan Public Television Service, Mr. Wu Feng-Shan.